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Those Before

L32" x W18" x H12"

"...the dead are still looking at us, waiting for us to acknowledge our part in their murder."
- Harold Pinter in his magazine article, 'America the Hun'.

Knocked over grave stones rise up, younger to older. Blood, water and earth flow through human time. This is the last of the mesquite door parts pieces, the others being: Horno, Acequia, and One Night in Baghdad. Throughout all these works, each wooden piece contains its own individual spirit and collectively, in these pieces, there is a feeling of continuous interaction.

This work can be hung vertically but is best displayed at chest height, so that; the observer can cause the rise and fall of the grave stone people through free movement.

This piece is a study for a regenerative installation: Sentinels.

Peter Cooke * 1233 Mount Maxwell Road * Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2H7 * (250) 537-4617

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