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H12" x W10'
Mixed Media

The horno is a very efficient oven. Made from earthen materials, it is designed for a quick, high temperature burn surrounded by a good heat sink to evenly cook the food. Historically, the hearth is the centre around which all eventually gather. The results are sustenance, medicine, conversation, information and decisions.

Three simple, but different shapes are arranged so as to evoke the spirit of the hearth. There is a play with male/female interactions. The horno and the attending flat structure are complimented by the tall structure with the full scar running its length.

This piece was entered as a maquette for some public art competitions in the Southwest. The sculptural idea works well when rendered in life size or as a larger monumental approach.

The wood is from scraps of mesquite doors from Panama. During a stint at the La Puerta door factory in Santa Fe, the artist collected these pieces destined for the dump. They can be seen in other works: Acequia, One Night in Baghdad, and Those Before.

Peter Cooke * 1233 Mount Maxwell Road * Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2H7 * (250) 537-4617

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