Wall Hanging
H32" x L50" x W6"
Mixed Media

The original title was, "The Death of Art". Aboriginal People in North America, especially those in Mexico, such as the Maya refer to themselves as coming from corn. In the old days, seeds of grasses were collected over the centuries so as to change the original plants into maize which is considered different from grain. The corn became a basic food for sustenance and now has evolved into be a major source of carbohydrates and sugars.

In the lower foremost segment, a tire track in the ground reveals the destruction of a corn plant. But the roots still sparkle silvery and the tassels glow with gold. Upon a hill in the mountains behind sits a figure with shiny eyes , ever watching. The upper and farthest segment represents twilight. Is the sun rising or setting? The lower panel is fibreglass, the second panel is sheet metal and the sky is made of discarded coloured glass.

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