Wall Hanging
Mixed Media
H28" X W82"

During the 'present' era of screens made in the '90's in New Mexico, the artist was very influenced by the vistas and scapes of the southwest. The story goes that as one band of Indians was travelling on a range of mountains and they encountered another band on a distant mountain, they would send up smoke signals. But it wouldn't be a conversation, as we know it today. The code would be brief, stipulating a time when the shamans or medicine men of each band would prepare themselves to communicate telepathically.

Storm clouds move across the blue-grey of the sky while lightening claps the thunder of the storm. Below, the waters flow into a river cutting shapes into the mesas of various colours. On either side lay the heads of the medicine men communicating via the lightning from the sky and the gold and silver veins from the earth below.

The canvas is a hollow core door. The clouds are reclaimed wood. The veins are gold and silver sign paper. And the landscape is painted with latex paint and sealed with brushing lacquer.

Peter Cooke * 1233 Mount Maxwell Road * Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2H7 * (250) 537-4617

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