Black Rock City 1999

4:20 & Uranus. The Library Under Construction on Sunday.

Sunday the 29th ~ From 4:20 Along Uranus Toward 4:30

Monday the 30th ~ From 4:20 Along Uranus Toward 4:00

View From the Library Tower During Monday's Storm.
Blown-Over Porta-Potties at the Far Right

The Motel 666 Under Construction on Monday

Our Official ID Cards...

Thursday on the Playa

The Colorful Corridors of Tactile Pleasure

A Procession From ISMIST on Thursday

This Was Erect on Friday When I Rode Past

Don't Be Scared, Just Reach In And Feel What's In The Box

This Was A Cute CupCar

Finally, A Way To Keep Cool

A Guild Member Hurtling Toward The Playa

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